Pde Summer

Summer Tippett

Team Wellness Supervisor, Head of Security, Bestest Doggo

Meet Summer the DOG!, the life of the Perth Digital Edge team! As the official food and break-time coordinator, Summer is dedicated to ensuring that the team stays happy, fed, and energised. She brings her cheerful personality and infectious energy to the workplace and is always looking for ways to keep everyone in good spirits.

But Summer isn’t just a valuable member of the team – she’s also a lover of all things fun! When she’s not working, you can find her soaking up the sun at the beach, raiding the kitchen for snacks, or going for a leisurely walk at Edgar Griffith Park in Wanneroo.

Summer is always up for an adventure and loves to make the most of her time off. Summer’s love of food, fun, and all things beachy make her a vital part of the Perth Digital Edge team. Her positive attitude and tireless efforts to keep everyone happy make her a joy to work with, and her contributions to the company are invaluable. If you’re ever looking for a little inspiration or just want to bring a smile to your face, just ask Summer – she’s always up for a chat and a good laugh!