4 Must Have Tips for Effective Mobile Web Design

Ben Tippet

Recent data from Google reveals that an astonishing 55% of search traffic originates from mobile devices, and nearly half of all online shopping is conducted via tablets and smartphones. This information underscores the necessity for modern online businesses to adapt to this trend. A savvy marketer must prioritise a design that is responsive and tailored for mobile users. Below, we provide four crucial tips to guarantee that your website is optimised for mobile-friendly use.

Streamline Menus

Mobile devices, with their limited screen size, are not conducive to navigating through extensive menus and sub-menus. Aim for a menu with no more than five main items and a few submenus if necessary. Begin with a broad overview of the products or services, and utilise categories or search functions to help users filter results more efficiently.

Condense Contact Forms

Filling out lengthy contact forms on a mobile device can be tedious and may deter potential customers. Request only the essential information relevant to the specific task. For instance, if a visitor is signing up for a newsletter, simply asking for their name and email address suffices. While more information may be required for purchases, it’s crucial to be mindful of your customers’ time. Optimise the process as much as possible, and if unsure, employ A/B testing with various forms to discover what resonates best with you and your clientele.

Utilise Diverse Form Fields

Simplifying form fields can be achieved by incorporating checkboxes, dropdowns, and calendars. These tools enable mobile users to search and input information without the hassle of excessive typing, a cumbersome task on smaller devices. For returning visitors, autofill can expedite purchases, and adding a guest checkout option may appeal to customers who prefer not to create an account.

Accessible Contact Information and FAQs

A successful eCommerce site must provide an uncomplicated way for users to reach the company and access a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Mobile-friendly sites should feature an easily discoverable click-to-call function, along with a concise contact form and email address. While the inclination may be to offer just one contact method, it’s wise to provide multiple options to accommodate various customer preferences. If you operate a physical store, consider including a Google Map and directions to display your location. A well-structured FAQs page can address many customer inquiries both efficiently and effectively.

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