5 Popular Styles of Logo Design

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In today’s crowded marketplace, distinguishing your business from others can be a challenge. Central to overcoming this challenge is effective branding, and a standout logo can be a powerful tool in making your brand memorable. Did you know that logos aren’t one-size-fits-all? Before embarking on the design process for your business logo, it’s vital to understand the specific type and style you want. Logos can be broadly categorised into five main types: wordmarks, lettermarks, brandmarks, combination marks, and emblems. Read on to explore each style and find the one that fits your business best.


Often referred to as a logotype, a wordmark is a text-only logo that uses the company’s name. Whether based on custom fonts or handwriting styles, this simple design exudes confidence and stability by relying solely on the brand name. Iconic examples include Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Google.


Also known as a monogram logo, a lettermark uses the brand’s initials instead of the full name. This approach is ideal for businesses with lengthy or challenging names, making them more memorable, especially in international markets. Renowned examples include NASA and Electronic Arts (EA).

Unique Design:

Creating a unique logo requires moving beyond the obvious. While initial sketches may seem similar, true innovation emerges after several iterations. Your logo doesn’t have to be a literal representation of your industry; for example, a fast-food logo doesn’t have to be a burger. Think outside the box and pursue eye-catching concepts that resonate with your brand.


A brandmark, or pictorial mark, consists solely of an image or symbol representing the brand. This approach can forge a deeper psychological connection with audiences, as images often resonate more instinctively than text. Famous brandmarks include Apple’s apple logo and Nike’s ‘Swoosh.’

Combination Mark:

This style combines a wordmark and symbol, allowing you to visually represent your brand while also stating its name. Ideal for newer or lesser-known brands, combination marks are distinctive and easier to trademark. Notable examples include Xbox, McDonald’s, and Microsoft.


An emblem incorporates text within a symbol, resembling a badge or seal. While less flexible than combination marks, emblems convey authority and authenticity, making them popular with schools, charities, and government agencies. Well-known emblems include Ford, Starbucks, and MasterCard.

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