5 Reasons Video Production Is A Great Method Of Advertising

Ben Tippet

There is almost no way around technology nowadays. We are always surrounded by digital information, bombarded with new things to do, old things to learn from, and advanced things to try. Since we are heckled with information every day, few forms of advertising positively affect businesses’ relationships with consumers.

One marketing strategy that stands out, though is video production. The thing about this form of brand promotion is that it works! (68% higher engagement than image and text)

Here are some reasons video advertising stands out among other marketing techniques… and how it can help promote your brand.

1. Videos Are Easy to Convey Information

Almost all Internet users encounter and watch videos online, and they generally like them. Videos can be featured on multiple online platforms, making them accessible to almost all Internet users. Plus, videos combine audible and visual elements to convey information.

Consumers also tend to reject dull, long-written passages about the benefits of a service. It is much easier-and quicker- to have someone else tell them about what a business offers. Therefore, not only is it easy to insert information into a video, but chances are that consumers want to watch it.

2. More Technology Means More Videos

Videos can go on almost any online platform spanning from to websites to email. As technology grows, and the number of platforms increases, videos are going to find new homes to display themselves.

Additionally, new platforms, programs, and apps make a point to have video accessibility. They work to ensure that videos run smoothly for viewers, a great advantage for video advertisers.

3. Anything Can Go in a Video

Videos have the power to pull people into another reality, another way of thinking, and another perspective. The reason for this is that videos feature anything you want. Video creators construct what is displayed, explained, and presented. The beauty of it all is that your video can range from straightforward explanations to intricate demonstrations (although you may not want to do this for your advertisement).

4. You Can Track Video Views

Other marketing strategies are difficult to track their effectiveness. Video advertisements stand out because several applications, which are mostly free, can track the number of views, how many people watched the video all the way through, and other distinctive statistics that help improve your overall marketing strategy.

5. Qualities of an Effective Video Ads

Usually, people on the Internet are looking for entertaining information fast. Given the high speeds of the Internet and online activity, people become more impatient to absorb content. For this, the most effective video advertisements are quick, engaging, and informational. Videos under two minutes tend to attract more viewers.

How We Can Help You Stand Out

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