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We pride ourselves on our perfectionism in everything we undertake, so it’s likely no shock to you that we believe your business requires an impeccable logo design. This isn’t mere hyperbole; your logo will be the emblem that represents your brand everywhere it appears, making it vital that it encapsulates your core message. It must exude personality and draw attention without becoming overly complex or cluttered. It should harmonise the right color scheme and symbolism without falling into the traps of being dull, garish, or overly ambiguous. It’s a delicate balance, akin to walking a metaphorical tightrope without much of a safety net below. If you’re embarking on the journey of graphic logo design and find yourself in need of guidance, our Perth professionals in web design and graphic design are here to offer their insights. Read on.

Color Considerations

The psychology and associations of color can significantly influence how your audience perceives your brand, potentially boosting brand recognition by up to 80%. The message you wish to convey through your color palette aligns with your brand’s direction. During the initial design stages, we suggest experimenting with your logo in black and white. Viewing the logo in greyscale can help identify areas where colors may obscure the true essence of the message. Test it again by shrinking the image; if the scaled-down version is hard to decipher, it may be overly complex.

Understanding Color Psychology

  • Yellow: Utilised for enhanced positivity (e.g., Ikea, McDonald’s)
  • Red: Symbolises passion and energy (e.g., Puma, Red Bull, Coca-Cola)
  • Pink: Represents femininity and fun (e.g., Victoria’s Secret, Barbie)
  • Blue: Stands for stability and trust (e.g., Samsung, PayPal)
  • Purple: Conveys luxury and serenity (e.g., Hallmark, IBM, BBC)
  • Green: Associated with calm, nature, freshness, and wildlife (e.g., Subway, Greenpeace, John Deere)


The principle of simplicity in design cannot be overstated. Overuse of colors can diminish the effectiveness of a logo, a truth that applies to every stage of logo creation. The trend among iconic brands like Google, Airbnb, Kodak, and Pepsi is towards more streamlined and understated designs. Simplicity, paired with clear meaning, is now the dominant approach. While your brand may not have the instant recognition of Twitter or Nike, striving for a simple yet potent design is still essential. Separating text from imagery to create a minimalist logo can lead to maximum impact. This approach is particularly vital for your online presence, where your logo may be used more as an icon than a full image. It must be concise and to the point.

Distinctive Design

Imagine asking ten individuals to sketch a logo for your industry; the initial attempts might appear strikingly similar. It’s only after several iterations that designers begin to explore and craft designs with deeper significance. They continue to refine until they’ve distilled the essence into the perfect, one-of-a-kind logo. Your logo shouldn’t be a mere stereotype of your industry; for instance, a fast-food restaurant’s logo doesn’t have to be a burger. Embrace creativity and venture far from conventional thinking during the brainstorming phase, pursuing ideas that captivate your attention.

Typography and Lettering

In today’s digital landscape, where logos and icons are ubiquitous, overly detailed and wordy logos may need rethinking. However, exquisite custom lettering can still converge to form a compelling logo, especially for businesses primarily operating offline, like cafes. If you opt for a text-based logo, the font itself becomes a vital design element, so ensure it resonates with your business’s visual identity. Fonts can convey various themes, from luxury and chaos to swiftness and relaxation, so minimise the word count to prevent visual overload. The creation of a graphic logo is a pivotal moment in a brand’s inception, and it’s not a decision to be rushed. Logo design offers a unique opportunity to encapsulate your brand’s personality in a small space, so invest the time to let your brand’s unique traits shine through – who knows, it might become as iconic as the Apple logo!

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