The Importance Of Video Production In Business Marketing

Ben Tippet

Typically, print and digital ads are the first to come to mind when you think of business marketing approaches. Did you know that more and more businesses are looking at video production nowadays?

Video production is an opportunity for companies to show video footage of what their company can do.

Sometimes, having video footage ready can help potential clients decide whether to go with a particular company or not. Studies show that there is over a 70 percent higher engagement rate with video in comparison to other mediums.

Benefits of Video Production

For many businesses that have been around for years, it might seem unnatural to take the time to invest in video production. However, there are ample benefits that both new and old businesses can benefit from.

What can a video of your company and service do for your business and potential customers?


The best way to showcase your company’s offering is through video. This can be a combination of moving and still photos and segments. While words can describe your service offerings, sometimes it can be hard to fully express it. Why not do it through video production?

Build and Grow Your Reputation

There is something to be said about having a video production to market your business. Not only does a video production market your business, but it can also help build your brand recognition, as well as your reputation.

Grow Presence

When you create video content that is then marketed on a business social media platform, it can be shared repeatedly. What does this do for the company? It creates a flow of engagement that can direct potential and interested customers to your website or landing page. Creating unique content that could result in trends can also help with brand recognition. Videos have been known to help companies demonstrate their strength and their skills.

Stay Competitive

For businesses to thrive and succeed these days, strategic and competitive marketing is essential. One way to achieve this is to create video productions that highlight your company’s strengths, services, and accomplishments.

If these are not enough to sway and demonstrate the benefits of video production in business marketing, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency. For example, consider Perth Digital Edge a marketing agency that deals in the creation and consultation of marketing products.

Marketing Your Business for Success

Given the precarious times, it is essential to find unique ways of creating content that can reach the masses. Creating a promotional video allows not only exposure, but it allows you to remain relevant amongst your competitors and current and new customers.

It is essential that when it comes to promoting your business, all avenues are considered, and this means considering a video production company

Are you hesitant to pursue digital marketing because you aren’t technologically savvy? Don’t worry, digital marketing companies such as Perth Digital Edge can help businesses every step of the way.

Do not let your brand and business miss out on the possibilities that come with video production; start marketing your services and goods today, contact the team at Perth Digital Edge. Find your digital edge today.

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