20 Reasons Why Should You Use Google Ads

Ben Tippet

Today, we’ll cover 20 reasons why having a Google Ads account is one of the best things you can do for your brand. Previously called “Google Adwords,” Google Ads is one of the most efficient ways to get your business or brand known online. As you may already know, Google is the biggest search engine on the market right now, and ads are becoming necessary for businesses online to thrive. Why do you need an online ad campaign? The short answer to this question is that there’s much more competition online than there was before. If you already include relevant keywords and optimise your page for SEO, then you’re already halfway through making your business more successful.

How Does Google Ads Work

In order to use Google’s online advertising program, you will first create a Google Ads account and craft your ad. This includes processes like adding keyword themes, setting your ad location and budget, and paying. Once you process your payment, you can run your Google Ads campaigns on the Google Display Network, which are third-party websites that serve/display Google Ads. You can also show your Google Ads on the Google Search Engine itself and Maps. The beauty of Google Search Ads is that you can use text, images, videos, or any other popular format to display your information. Moreover, you can set your Google Ad to serve different purposes, including encouraging people to visit your website, get more phone calls, or get more related information about your brand. However, should you go through all of the efforts of crafting the right Google Ad? Keep reading if you want to discover 20 good reasons to use Google Ads.

Why Create A Google Ads Account?

Here, we will cover 20 reasons why you should start using Google Ads (Google Adwords) today.

Higher Reach Through the Google Display Network

As mentioned before, Google is, by far, the most popular search engine today. People with any questions think of Google as their first option. Thanks to Google’s evolution, people can now find the answer to their queries in a matter of seconds, which is a lifesaver in many cases. Now, if you use Google Ads, you would be taking advantage of the platform’s powerful algorithm, and if you do everything right, your business could appear before the eyes of thousands of people.

Different Ad Types

Today, you can consider any of the following types of ads for your brand/business:

Overall, you could use any of those to improve your chances of appearing on the Google Display Network, as well as other services like Google Maps and the Search Results Pages, although you should be smart with your ad crafting process if you truly want to increase your website traffic. Remember you can tweak different factors, such as where your ad appears.

Budget Variety

One of the best things about Google Ads is that you can fully control your budget. If you’re going for a Google Ads auction, then you can choose your maximum bid amount. On the other hand, if you’re making PPC campaign ads, you can set your daily budget without any problems. Once the campaign ends, you can check out its performance and change the target keywords, optimise your website in other ways, or adjust your budget to improve your results. If the campaign isn’t working, then you can stop the ad spending right away.

Targeting Options

There are keywords for everything. It doesn’t matter what your business offers or what stage of the buyer’s journey you want to address; Google Ads can help you target any keyword you consider appropriate. You can use the Google Ads auction feature to bid on either broad or narrow keyword search terms. Then, Google will show these ads to potential clients at the earlier stages of research, allowing you to take smarter action.

Ad Intent

When you use Google’s advertising campaigns, you’re advertising to people who are looking for particular services and/or products. If you, for example, have a website about painting services in Perth, then you will want to create a Google Ads campaign that goes around the keyword “painting services in Perth.” That way, when people look up that particular service, your website pops in on the top results, which can be the solution your potential clients are looking for. People who advertise with social media marketing, for example, may not have such an easy time placing the ad and calling it a day since people browsing social media platforms typically don’t want to look at ads. This doesn’t happen in the case of particular Google Ads.


Google Ads retargeting allows businesses to advertise to users who already saw one of your ads but didn’t take action (Convert). This is an excellent way to change up your strategy and use something that your potential internet users may find more appealing.

Easy Way to Create Online Ads

A great thing about creating business ads with Google Ads is that it isn’t too hard to measure how well your ad campaigns did, whether you used a search ad or something else. Once you go into the dashboard for your ad group, you can check information like: • Clicks • Keywords • Budget • Impressions Moreover, if you get Google Analytics, you can check even more information, including visitor behaviour. Now, why is this information useful? You can easily adjust your ad group and make it better for your next campaign. Maybe you optimised your landing page even more or adjusted your budget. Either way, understanding the format that Google Ads uses isn’t hard. Still, if you’re having trouble understanding how analytics for Google Ads work, you can get help from a reputable marketing agency.

Kickstart Your SEO Optimisation Process

As you may already know, SEO optimisation is key if you want your website to thrive in search engine results. However, there are some cases where creating the right text or shopping ads with Google is enough to get your website to the top; this mostly happens with websites offering services. While using Google Ads without SEO optimisation at first could give you a headstart, consider optimising your website eventually so that you have a better chance of beating the competition. Once you get your ad displayed, and you receive your metrics at the end of the campaign, you can choose which particular things you want to optimise before starting your ad spend again.

Building Brand Awareness

While Google Ads are mostly thought for traffic purposes, they also do an excellent job of building brand awareness, which is one of the top priorities of most businesses online. In essence, you should do everything possible to reinforce your brand’s name, reputation, and personality since that will make your visitors more likely to stay and convert. Depending on your Google Ads strategy, you can create a perfect campaign that will make your potential customers more likely to visit your web pages and engage with them.

Increasing Conversions

Another great thing about Google Ads is that they focus on prioritising landing page experience, meaning they will redirect your potential customers to exactly what they’re looking for. As long as you create an engaging and persuading landing page, you will be able to increase your conversions for relevant websites. Remember that people browsing the internet want fast results, not having to hunt for what they’re looking for. The easier you make the experience, the better.

Getting Higher Quality Traffic

While many people settle for getting anyone to go into their website, that doesn’t work too well for people who truly want to get conversions. Why would you want to show your website to someone who isn’t looking for what you offer? Thanks to Google Ads, you can drive your text, video, or app campaigns to a relevant audience, ensuring much higher-quality traffic that you can then convert to customers with the right marketing strategies.

Smart Campaigns

Google’s Smart Campaign feature means you don’t have to spend hours setting up your text/video/display/app campaign. Remember this is one of the most powerful advertising tools on the market, so all it takes from you is to take a few minutes to tell Google what you’re looking for, and the platform will do the rest to make your ad rank higher.

Fast and Effective Results

Your impressions and clicks will likely appear instantly on your dashboard, so you will be able to take a look at your reports as soon as you need them. This is especially useful in cases where you’re unsure of whether a strategy is good and want to make small adjustments.

Higher Return on Investment

In most cases, you’re not paying for impressions; you’re paying for clicks, meaning you will likely attract high-intent visitors. If you optimise your marketing strategies, you could get a reasonable return on investment.

Choosing Different Bidding Types

When it comes to bidding on a keyword or ad space, you can choose one of the following bid formats:

  • Cost per Click – Best Overall
  • Cost per Thousand Viewable Impressions – Best for Brand Awareness
  • Cost per Action – Best for Conversions

If you want to make things easier, you can use Google’s Smart Bidding feature to make automatic adjustments to your bidding while you adjust other marketing strategies.

Excellent Customer Support

Whether you created an ad for YouTube videos or the search engine itself, there’s an amazing support center ready to answer any questions you may have. Moreover, the Google Ads Help website has several tutorials you can use today to start optimising your website, and the Community website will allow you to talk to other people who are probably looking for the same answers.

Multiple Account Management

In case you have more than one brand you want to work on, Google allows you to run more than one account on Google Ads, and you can also switch between them with a few clicks. This saves you a great deal of time.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Most of your competition is likely using Google Ads today, so if you want to get ahead, make sure you use this fantastic tool alongside great marketing strategies and proper SEO optimisation.

Keyword Matching

When it comes to setting up your keyword matches, you can consider the following: • Broad Matches • Phrase Matches • Exact Matches • Negative Keywords This will give you a higher chance of bringing particular types of users to check your website. If you want more information about these terms, feel free to browse our website.

Budget-friendly Options

Finally, you don’t always have to go for the broadest keyword on the market, as those are the most expensive ones to bid on. If you have a particular service to offer, you can bid on long-tail keywords, which are much more affordable since they have lower competition than short-tail keywords. Still, if you do a good job with your Google Ads, you can enjoy higher conversion rates by using these particular keywords, so either way, you’ll get an amazing ROI.

Use Google Search Ads Today

Now, you know how treating different ad groups with Google’s service is the right way to give your business that extra push online. If you want to use Google Ads the right way, make sure to seek help from a Google Ads Perth professional or a reputable marketing website like ours. We’re committed to giving you all the advice necessary to make your ad rank as high as possible on Google, whether you’re going for text, image, or video ads. If you’re making too many marketing efforts with no visible results, make sure to talk to our team and find your digital edge today.

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