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Digit are an award-winning team specialising in accounting, bookkeeping, and digital advising, aimed to leverage technology for creating happier businesses. Despite in-depth expertise in cloud-based solutions and financial management, they struggled with optimising their online visibility. To address this, they enlisted the SEO services of Perth Digital Edge.

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Digit's Challenge

Digit had a wealth of valuable services that could benefit a wide range of businesses, but their online visibility was lacking. Their website’s poor search engine rankings were limiting their reach to potential clients who could greatly benefit from their specialized services. The challenge was to enhance Digit’s online presence, a task for which they sought the specialized SEO services of Perth Digital Edge.

The Solution

We crafted a comprehensive, tailored SEO strategy for Digit. This included keyword research to identify what potential clients were searching for, on-page SEO to make the website content more search-engine friendly, and backlinking strategies to improve the site’s authority. These SEO services were designed to tackle Digit’s specific challenges in online visibility.

The Results

Thanks to our SEO services Digit experienced transformative results. Their website now ranks on the first page of search results for multiple targeted keywords, leading to a significant increase in organic traffic. This uptick in visibility resulted in more client inquiries and higher conversion rates, enabling Digit to extend their reach and further their mission of creating happier businesses through technology and people.


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