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Changing the way car parks are managed through technology

Perth Managed Parking, a subsidiary of the well-established Perth Security Services, is a leading name in car park management solutions. Leveraging decades of experience in security and facility management, we aim to revolutionize the way parking spaces are managed, making it more efficient, secure, and user-friendly for both property owners and motorists.

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Perth Managed Parking's Challenge

The traditional parking management systems are often plagued with inefficiencies—ranging from manual ticketing errors to long queues at payment counters. Additionally, the inability to pay fines online adds another layer of inconvenience for users. These issues not only lead to customer dissatisfaction but also result in revenue loss and increased operational costs for property owners.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Perth Managed Parking introduced a state-of-the-art car park ticketing app designed for Android devices. This app is connected to an online database, allowing users to pay for their parking and even settle fines online. The app’s intuitive interface and secure payment gateway make it a breeze for users to complete transactions, while its real-time tracking capabilities enable property owners to manage spaces more efficiently.

The Results

Since the launch of our Android-based car park ticketing app, we have seen a significant improvement in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The app has not only streamlined the ticketing process but also reduced manual errors, leading to increased revenue. The online fine payment feature has been particularly well-received, resulting in quicker fine settlements and improved compliance. Overall, the app has set a new standard in car park management, making Perth Managed Parking the go-to solution for modern, efficient, and user-friendly parking services.


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