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Transforming the lives of native animals in Western Australia

WA Wildlife, previously known as Native ARC Incorporated, has been a pivotal force in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation in Western Australia since its inception in 1998. Specialising in state-of-the-art veterinary care for native animals, the organisation is deeply committed to wildlife welfare, education, and habitat preservation.

Wa Wildlife Logo
Wa Wildlife Background

WA Wildlife's Challenge

While WA Wildlife has been successful in its conservation efforts, it faced a specific challenge in conveying its specialized methodologies and protocols to veterinary professionals and potential sponsors. The absence of targeted educational material limited the organization’s ability to form partnerships and collaborations that could elevate its impact further.

The Solution

To tackle this issue, we initiated a focused video production campaign aimed at creating an educational series exclusively for veterinary professionals and potential sponsors. The series covered intricate topics such as specialized wildlife medicine and the unique services offered by WA Wildlife. These videos were designed to be a resource for professionals in the field, providing them with the knowledge needed to collaborate effectively with WA Wildlife.

The Results

The specialized video series has been highly effective, leading to increased engagement from veterinary professionals and attracting the attention of potential sponsors. The educational content has empowered veterinarians with the specialized knowledge required for wildlife care, thereby improving the quality of treatments. Moreover, the clarity and depth of information presented in the videos have made a compelling case for sponsorship, opening new avenues for collaboration and funding. Overall, the campaign has significantly enhanced WA Wildlife’s professional outreach, reinforcing its position as a leader in wildlife conservation and specialized veterinary care in Western Australia.

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