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Transforming the Used Car Market Through Digital

Westside Auto Wholesale is revolutionizing the way people shop for used cars. With a fixed pricing model, an extensive range of vehicles, and rigorous independent mechanical inspections, they have set a new standard in the used car industry.

Westside Auto Wholesale Background
keywords in the top 3
out of 130 niche specific keywords on the front page
visitors in 2023
120,000+ leads
in 2023

Westside Auto Wholesale's Challenge

While Westside Auto Wholesale had a compelling business model and a large inventory that could cater to various customer needs, their online visibility was not up to par. Their website’s search engine rankings were not reflective of the quality and breadth of services they offered. This limited their ability to reach potential customers who could benefit from their unique approach to used car sales. To address this issue, they enlisted our SEO and AdWords management services.

The Solution

We developed a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy tailored specifically for Westside Auto Wholesale. This included:

  • SEO Services: Comprehensive keyword research was conducted to understand what potential customers were searching for. On-page SEO techniques were applied to make the website content more search-engine friendly. A robust backlinking strategy was also implemented to improve the site’s authority.
  • AdWords Management: A targeted AdWords campaign was set up to capture high-intent queries related to used car sales, trades, and financing. This was complemented by ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure maximum ROI.
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The Results

The impact of our digital marketing efforts was transformative for Westside Auto Wholesale. Their website now ranks on the first page of search results for multiple targeted keywords, leading to a significant increase in organic traffic. The AdWords campaigns also yielded high conversion rates, further boosting their online visibility.

This surge in online presence has led to more customer inquiries, higher sales volumes, and an expanded customer base. Westside Auto Wholesale can now continue their mission of offering high-quality used cars at fixed prices, all while reaching a broader audience thanks to their enhanced digital footprint.

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