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Perth’s Best Food Delivery – How This Healthy Food Delivery Giant Achieved Its #1 Position In The Perth Market With Customised Digital Marketing.

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Wholistically Healthy's Challenge

Whollistally healthy came to us with a lackluster SEO strategy. The main issue the website was facing is that it had the wrong Search Engine Optimisation targeting in place.

There was also an Adwords Account in place that had no management or optimisation occurring. COVID-19 definitely gave a lift to their online sales, but they wanted to make sure they were still doing everything right and continue to work towards being the best.

They reached out to Perth Digital Edge for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services so that they could stand out from their competitors and be able to showcase their outstanding product range to their target audience.


The Solution

To help Whollistally Healthy get the right traffic and conversions to their website, we optimised the SEO. This involved a deep dive into the on-page content, the title tags, and the h1 tags in order to fix the targeting issue that was present also ensuring that each page is mapped to the right keyword for Google’s crawlers.

Building good backlinks also meant that the website’s authority was strong and trustworthy – giving it more opportunities to rank higher in the search results. Alongside those two strategies, we also created engaging blogs that spoke directly to their target audience.

Our ongoing SEO work resulted in real success over the years, with all of their target keywords ranking extremely well. This has led to significant improvements in organic conversions, and an increase in both web traffic and purchases. Each year has brought in bigger and better numbers for the business.

The Results

Increased Website Traffic & Sales

Due to the strategies put in place year on year, there is a 118% increase in traffic.

Higher Position In Google

Due to a continual SEO effort of the team at PDE this site can now be found primary keywords are all ranking in the top of search results. High-density keywords such as “healthy food delivered” and “meal delivery Perth” are now ranking on the first page.

51% Conversion Increase

Due to the retargeting of the website in line with the food delivery market, the website year on year has an increased conversion rate of over 51% and an increase in revenue by 49.1%. We cant wait to see what goal they smash next.

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