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As a certified Google Ads and AdWords agency located in Perth, we possess the necessary training, ethics, and experience with Google Ads to aid in the growth of your business. Our focus is on delivering results-based Google AdWords Services. With over $5 million in ad spend managed, we offer a fixed management fee with no lock-in-contracts and take no commissions. As official Google Partners, we even provide a $600 Google Ad Credit for new setups.

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Expert Google Ads Management Perth

Expert Google Ads Management Perth

When it comes to Google Ads campaign management, the right tactics can make a world of difference. Start right with a comprehensive discovery session with one of our Google Ads specialists, delving deep into your company, products, profit margins, untapped opportunities, and future aspirations. Armed with this knowledge, we conduct extensive market and competitor research, setting the stage for a well-executed Google Ads strategy.

With our professional Google Ads management services, you can expect targeted campaigns, optimised budget allocation, and continuous monitoring to ensure a solid return on investment.

Trust our Google Ads experts to maximise your search advertising potential, ensuring your budget drives substantial returns. Ready to elevate your online presence? Contact us for a consultation today.

Our Adwords Perth Process

Our Process
  1. Perfect Google AdWords Targeting

    At Perth Digital Edge, we don’t accept every client who comes our way because it wouldn’t be ethical to do so. Instead, we conduct thorough research to determine if Google Ads is a suitable fit for your business. If it is, we create a comprehensive media plan and establish a clear target while ensuring that both parties have a mutual understanding of expectations moving forward.

  2. Guaranteed Google Ads Results

    The best part is that we don’t accept every client, so we can stand behind our work. We offer a results guarantee within 90 days, and if we don’t meet our agreed-upon goal, we’ll work for free until we do. We take the time to ensure that it’s a good fit, so we can exceed our objectives.

  3. A Dedicated Team of Google Ads Experts

    Our digital marketing specialist team of Google Ads experts based in Perth are dedicated to driving your business forward. We collaborate with you in 90-day planning sessions as well as company board meetings, contributing our expertise in AdWords to enhance your overall strategy and innovation, ultimately driving growth for your business.

  4. Google Ads Tracking Setup

    At Perth Digital Edge, we rely on data and analytics to determine which AdWords campaigns would be effective for your business. We take into account all relevant data points, including information from web, mobile, and location services.

  5. Clear Communication

    Our company culture emphasizes prompt response times and transparent communication, so you’ll never be in the dark about anything.

  6. Reach Out

    We believe that every journey begins with a story, and we’re excited to hear yours. We can assist you in designing your landing page and creating effective marketing campaigns around it. Contact us today to begin your online journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions

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  • What Are Some AdWords Ads Examples?

    There are many different types of ads that you can create with Google Ads, and the specific format and content of your ads will depend on your business and the goals of your ad campaign. Here are a few examples of AdWords ads:

    Search ads: Picture this – your ads prominently displayed in search results when potential customers actively search for keywords relevant to your business. Capturing intent with a compelling headline, description, and a persuasive display URL, search ads are designed to drive engagement and sales. Here is an example of a search ad:

    Headline: “Buy High-Quality Dog Toys” Description: “Shop our wide selection of durable and interactive dog toys. Free shipping on orders over $50.” Display URL: ““

    Display ads: These ads appear on the Google Display Network and can take many different forms, including banner ads, text ads, and image ads. Here is an example of a display ad:

    Video ads: These ads appear on YouTube and other video sites in the Google network. They can be in the form of a pre-roll ad that plays before a video, an in-stream ad that appears during a video, or an overlay ad that appears on top of a video.

    Shopping ads: These ads appear in the Google Shopping results and include a product image, a price, and a description. They can also appear on other websites in the Google network.

    App ads: These ads promote mobile apps and appear on Google Play, the App Store, and other sites in the Google network. They can be in the form of a banner ad, a video ad, or a native ad that blends in with the content of the site.

    By creating ads that are specific, relevant, and compelling, you can increase the chances of success with your Google Ads campaign.

  • What Are The Types Of Google Ads Campaigns?

    There are several types of AdWords campaigns that you can use to reach potential customers through Google’s search engine and other sites in the Google network. These include:

    • Search campaigns: These targeted campaigns focus on specific keywords, appearing in Google’s search engine results when users search for those terms. This is a powerful strategy for increasing sales.
    • Display campaigns: Targeting specific websites, topics, or audiences, these campaigns showcase ads on the Google Display Network, spanning websites, apps, and various online spaces. Ideal for boosting brand visibility.
    • Video campaigns: Targeting keywords, these campaigns appear on YouTube advertising and other video sites within the Google network, providing an engaging way to reach your audience.
    • Shopping campaigns: Targeting specific products, these campaigns feature in Google Shopping results and other websites within the Google network, making them effective for a product-focused Adwords campaign.
    • App campaigns: Geared towards promoting mobile apps, these campaigns showcase on platforms like Google Play, the App Store, and other sites in the Google network.
    • Re-marketing campaigns: Targeting previous website visitors or app users, these campaigns display ads as they browse the internet, offering a strategic way to re-engage your audience.

    By strategically choosing the right campaign for your business and leveraging the expertise of Google Ads experts, you can connect with your audience effectively, driving more traffic, more sales and more lead to your website.

    Ready to get started with Google Adwords? Get in touch now.

  • Is Google AdWords Effective?

    Utilising Google Ads can be a powerful strategy to connect with potential customers and generate high-quality leads. However, the effectiveness of your Google Ads hinges on several critical factors, including the quality of your ad campaign, the competitiveness of targeted keywords, and the expertise of your PPC agency.

    To ensure the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns, consider the following steps:

    1. Research and Strategic Planning: We’ll identify your target customers and the keywords they are likely to search for. A well-researched and strategically planned campaign forms the foundation of your success.

    2. Craft Targeted Ads: We’ll write Google ads that are specific, relevant, and compelling. We’ll write copy that clearly communicate the unique value of your products or services to capture the attention of your audience.

    3. Optimise and Monitor: We’ll Leverage the data provided by AdWords to track the performance of your ads. Monitor your ad spend and continuously make adjustments to optimise your campaign.

    By diligently following these steps, you can create Google ads campaigns that effectively reaches your target audience, driving increased traffic and sales to your website.

    In summary, effective Google Ads management relies on strategic planning, compelling ad creation, and continuous optimisation. When executed with precision by Google Ads experts such as ourselves, Google advertising can be a powerful tool for boosting your online presence and achieving tangible business results.

  • How Long Does AdWords Take To Work?

    Effectively harnessing the power of Google Ads demands patience and a realistic expectation of the time it takes to see results. The process involves both the initial campaign setup and a commitment to ongoing optimisation, requiring careful planning and time investment. Google ads specialists must allocate time to thorough research and strategic planning. This includes selecting relevant keywords, crafting targeted ads, and setting up accurate conversion tracking.

    Once your campaign is live, it can take time before your PPC ads gain visibility in search engine results and conversions start to flow in. The timeframe is influenced by factors such as keyword competitiveness and campaign quality.

    While it’s generally advisable to give your campaign a few weeks to start yielding results, some positive outcomes can become apparent more quickly. Keep in mind that the unique aspects of your campaign, including the competitiveness of chosen keywords, can impact the pace of results.

    Understand that Google Ads is an ongoing process. Continuous optimisation is crucial for sustained effectiveness. This involves adjusting bid prices, testing various ad copies, and analysing data, including quality score, to identify what works and what doesn’t.

    In summary, a strategic approach, realistic expectations, and continuous optimisation are key elements in navigating the Google Ads landscape for impactful and sustained results.

  • What Is The Success Rate Of Google Ads?

    The success rate of Google Ads can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the ad campaign, the competitiveness of the keywords being targeted, and the relevance of the ads to the target audience.

    In general, a well-planned and well-executed AdWords campaign can be an effective way to reach potential customers and drive traffic and sales to your website. However, it’s important to keep in mind that AdWords is a continuous process and requires ongoing optimization and management to ensure that it is effective.

    To increase the chances of success with AdWords, it’s important to do the following:

    • Research and plan your campaign carefully: Start by identifying your target audience and the keywords that they are likely to search for.
    • Choose relevant keywords: Select keywords that are relevant to your business and that your target audience is likely to search for.
    • Create targeted ads: Write ads that are specific, relevant, and compelling, and that clearly communicate the value of your products or services.
    • Optimize your campaign: Use the data provided by AdWords to track the performance of your ads and make ongoing adjustments to optimize your campaign.

    By following these steps, you can increase the chances of success with your AdWords campaign.

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