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Professional Facebook Advertising Agency In Perth

Our Facebook marketing team can help you connect your product or service with your target audience on the platform, which has over 2 billion daily active users. Don’t let your competitors snap up potential customers while you’re not advertising on Facebook. Let our agency guide and grow your business through effective Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Services Perth
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Expert Facebook Advertising Services In Perth

Expert Facebook Advertising Services In Perth

Nearly two billion people use Facebook every day, with an additional one billion users signing in at least once per month. Position your brand in front of your target market by hiring the best Facebook advertising Agency in Australia: Perth Digital Edge!

At Perth Digital Edge (PDE), we can utilize social media accounts to run Facebook ads so that your potential customers see your products and services before those of your competitors.

Facebook rocketed to the top of the social media world because of its ability to connect people, including businesses and consumers. Our professional team of Facebook advertising experts possesses the knowledge and experience to display your products and services to the users who are most likely to make a purchase. Get a winning Facebook marketing strategy – Contact our team at PDE and find your digital edge today.

Our Selection Of Facebook Ads

  • Photo Ads

    Send a single, cohesive message to your customers with stunning photographic imagery. When it comes to advertising, sometimes less is more. The simplicity of a single image often stays with the viewer for lengthier periods than multiple photos would. Allow one of our professional photographers to capture the very essence of your company, and our graphic design team and copywriters will do the rest.

  • Carousel Ads

    Display your entire product line with carousel ads. Carousel ads consist of several rotating images of products and services. They allow consumers to cycle through the photographs and click on the specific item they want.

    Consider hiring a professional to photograph your products and services so that all of the images match, forming a unified theme.

  • Video Ads

    Capture the imagination of your core customer base with vibrant high-definition video ads. The right video ad can double your current conversion rate. All you need is striking imagery, powerful music, and instructions that tell consumers what to do next. For your next Facebook advertising campaign, our video production team at PDE can create compelling videos that produce high clickthrough rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Do Dynamic Facebook Ads Differ From Regular Facebook Ads?

    While dynamic and standard Facebook ads look the same to users, they differ in several ways. Some of the differences between dynamic Facebook ads and regular Facebook ads are as follows:

  • What Is A Facebook Pixel?

    A Facebook pixel consists of specialised code. You can place a Facebook pixel on your website to track and record the interactions that visitors have with your web pages. Once you have this information, you can create an audience, custom audience, lookalike audience, or custom lookalike audience that you can target within Facebook.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Run A Facebook Ad Campaign?

    Facebook Ad campaigns remain highly scalable and can fit almost any budget. By expanding or contracting the reach of your campaign, you can control the cost. Likewise, setting the frequency of ad displays will alter the cost of your Facebook Ad run. Thankfully, once you pay for your Facebook Ad campaign, it will never run over your budget.

  • Do I Need To Open A Facebook Ad Account?

    All of our Facebook advertising clients must maintain a Facebook Ad account. Thankfully, we can help you open it and manage it. Once you have your Facebook Ad account, you can give our team approved access to it while still wielding ultimate control as the administrator. Through your Facebook Ad account, we can upload videos, images, and copy to set up ad campaigns for your review.

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